The history of ice cream sundae helmets is extremely sketchy. I have complied some research that I have done and put it together here on this page. My research began with when the helmets started, when they switched from sticker logos to screen printed logos, how many logo changes did they make of each team, etc. Please know that most of this information is speculation based on research and my collection of helmets. This page is no where near completed. I am still contiuning my research. If you have information to add or correct please let me know. Their isn’t a whole lot of information out there to go off. I want this to be as accurate as possible.

1965 - Plastic company Laich Industries begins producing Souvenir Replica Helmets under the Sports Products Corp. (SPC) name. (source)

1970-1971 - It is my belief that sometime during these two years that SPC begin producing ice cream sundae helmets. These first versions of helmets consisted of logo stickers on the front of the helmets. They were sold invidually at ice cream shops, MLB stadiums and sold separately as a set. During this time their were at least three sticker productions before going to the 'screen' version. There are at least two color variations to the plastic of the helmets with the stickers. The inside of helmet looks like this - see helmet A.

The Washington Senators played from 1961-1971 (later moving to Texas to become the Rangers in 1972). I found a blog where the blogger claimed to have owned a Senators helmet back in 1971. Here is the link (second paragraph down). This leads me to believe that the helmets were first seen sometime during the 1970-1971 seasons.

1974 - A complete set from 1974 - photo.

1976 - No logo sticker versions of the teams existed of the Toronto Blue Jays and the Seattle Mariners. Therefor, SPC had to start their 'screen' version in 1976 or after. I have heard from one collector that some logo sticker helmets and some screen printed versions may have over lapped during or after 1976.

1977 - A complete set from 1977 - photo.

1990-1995 - During the Early 1990’s I believe the SPC begin correcting the logos on screen printed versions. One example is the Yankees. Also the stamp in the helmet bowl changed also during this time- see helmet L-B, then see helmet L-C.

1992 - Team USA helmet was frist introduced- helmet photo, and game photo.

1993 - A complete set from SPC with a bonus white Arizona Diamondbacks helmet- photo.

1994 - A complete set from Baskin Robins - photo.

1995 - SPC made the first All Star Game helmet, which was held at The Ballpark in Arlington in Texas - photo.

During the mid 1990’s SPC began producing some Minor League Baseball team helmets. Here are couple of examples - Albuquerque Dukes and Columbus Clippers photo.

2000 - During the early 2000’s another manufacturer entered the playing field - Novel-T-Shirts (NTS) - see helmet N. NTS primarily produced helmets for Minor League Baseball.

2000-2002 - During this time it is believed that Laich and SPC lost the licensing rights to produce MLB sundae helmets. Fotoball Inc. apparently won the licensing rights - see helmet F. SPC continued to produce Minor League Baseball helmets.

2003 - In November K2/Rawlings purchased Fotoball Inc. Story.

2004 - K2 begins manufacturing helmets under the Rawlings name. They are the only current manufacutrer producing MLB helmets - see helmet R.

2005 - Laich Industries along with SPC file chapter 11 bankruptcy. According to officials they said increased Asian competition and significantly increased raw material costs were the primary factors that forced the filing.

2008 - A new style sundae of helmet is introduced. This new helmet has a taller bowl, but yet remains close to the original style sundae helmet. This may be the new direction of sundae helmets. The manufacturer is unknown. Here are the helmets - New York Mets and Brooklyn Cyclones.

2010 - The Altanta Braves introduced two helmets served only at Turner Field. One helmet is the classic lower case a and the other is red helmet with modern day capital A. Photo here. Other helmets began surfacing with no logo from the inside of the helmet and only the 'food safe' disclaimer - see helmet FS.

Rawlings came out with new helmet for the Baltimore Orioles in 2010 - shown here. It was a result of the Orioles changing there helmet logo introduced by the team in 2009.

Also in 2010 Baskin Robbins Ice Cream stores partnered with Pepsi/Aquafina for a special year long promotion. The promotion included your choice of your favorite ice cream sundae in in your favorite team's helmet. The inside of the helmet was also stamped with the new logo/manufacturer - see helmet BD. On the back of the helmet is the Aquafina logo.

2011 - The Florida Marlins may have introduced a new helmet this year. Photo can be seen here. The Marlins helmet wasn't produced by K2/Rawlings. Instead the inside markings of the helmet read FDA approved - see helmet FDA. Another new helmet manufacturer was discovered in 2011. Promotional Adventures (see helmet PA) made helmets for the Fort Wayne Tin Caps - photo here.

Pink helmets also surfaced in 2011 for some MLB teams. Both the Yankees and Astros had pink helmets made. So far they are the only teams to have pink helmets.


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